Dozens of acrylic on color and black & white laser printed paper, museum/gallery artifact table, canvas. 


When I studied my MAfem at the University of Leeds, Leeds, England, I also went on weekly hikes through the rural areas of West Yorkshire, with a women’s hiking group. It was part of my mental health plan when studying in England.  I traveled to Leeds, walked, and carried with me the concepts and knowledge of Group of 7, methods. The Modern painters who immigrated from West Yorkshire, England,  painted Landscapes of Ontario, Canada, living in Ontario, and as defining the nation, and peoples, of Canada.
Reversing the concept, I printed selected photographs I took of the West Yorkshire landscape on my walks. They were printed with larger half-tone screen filter, black & white and color, on bond paper. A thick impasto acrylic brush-stroke was applied obscuring the photo image.


Some of the small paintings are placed in the artifact table in stacks. Two stacks of paintings lay on top of the glass top, where people can pick up and browse through them.


The electrical wire for the artifact table lights is wrapped around one of the structural legs; not plugged into the wall power socket. The table is positioned for natural light from one of the windows.

Photos from installation at Thesis show, Erase, Lifton Studios, University of Leeds, UK, 2003.