PART OF THE STORY, 2019 – ongoing

Found Western Art History texts and textbooks, latex paint.


Western Art History texts taught from in Canadian Art Classrooms reflect histories that create a narrative, and timeline that lead to the contemporary art of the USA, and the Global Market of art works and Fairs. The ancient art on cave walls in Europe begin the story, to Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Christian, and Court painters, to the Academies of France, to Modern Art after World Wars . However, this doesn’t include the whole story.
Students miss out on the stories of lives lived and the art of indigenous people, and those of global cultures reflected in our classrooms today, female artists, outsider artists, and more.


I like to think, another approach to study art and art history is underway.


I paint over text and images with latex paint, guided by the grid systems of Art History texts to establish only Part of the Story is being told.


This project includes 9 Art History texts, so far, and text books, and is ongoing.