Video, 25:00 min. 

Install play looped.


Ghost Walk, is a video of assembled footage tracking the walks I took when I lived in Bratislava, Slovakia, and while travelling in Poland, Austria, Italy, Jordan, Israel-Palestine, USA, and Canada, in 2014. Together, the piece includes forest paths of Ontario, Canada, the line-up at the border crossing at Amman, Jordan, and Israel-Palestine, paths beside the Rail Depots at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, gallery visits in Venice, Italy, and a steam-carousel music festival at a park in NY state, USA.  The video shows a negotiation of the histories of built and natural environments. crossing cultures, and unseen experiences and observations.


Turn up the sound. The sound quality varies throughout the video. Do not adjust your speakers, or electronic device.


Lesa Moriarity, copyright 2014.