Art Projects - Kuwait Series

 Aqua Purity, water mixable oil on cotton, 136 x 240 cm, 2013.

Thirst Begone, water mixable oil on polyester blend textile, 121.5 x 200 cm, 2013.

The Lengths of Useful Textiles (the Kuwait series), 2012-2013.

The impact of oil development and economics surrounding it, societal and the environmental, pervade my everyday life in Kuwait, especially issues specific to drinking water, and development. I taught Art for 1 year in Kuwait City. Oil development is multifaceted, glaring and subtle. I purchased the materials in markets, and completed the paintings in Canada.

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The Foil Queen, acrylic on polyester blend textile, 114 x 520 cm, 2013 Perrier, Perrier, water mixable oil on polyester blend textile, 121 x 150 cm, 2013.

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