Stuff Diary, 2002 - 2010

Sketchbooks and various new and found items, 12 volumes.

During and after a period of recovery from severe depression I studied my M.A. in England. My Stuff Diary's were a way to stay engaged with everyday life everyday. Upon my return to Canada, however, and eventual move from BC to Ontario my practice continued to 12 volumes. Stuff Diary came to an end May 2010.

I photographed pages of my Stuff Diary (sketchbook) in the settings and the locals where and when they were done. The photos are part of the installation of the actual Diary's as well.

Note: This practice has continued, as I continued to move, live, and teach in different places.

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Installation of Stuff Diary shown below, at Ontario Shores, Gallery, 2013, Whitby, Ontario, Canada


All text and images Lesa Moriarity, 2020.