Installation at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. May 30th to Sept. 2014.

Humility Home Art Collection, 42 paintings and found frames, Oil on canvas board,  Various dimensions,  2012 - 2014.

The Humility Home Art Collection, started on reserve my last year teaching there and was completed a year or two after my return to the south. I appropriated images from the internet that depicted the roles within the art world to the south, including preparator, docent, director, scholar, artists, actors playing artists, artist talks, panel discussions, etc. I  painted them in oils Found frames are used permanently for installation.

I taught in a fly-in community in the subarctic of Ontario, Canada, for two years. I enjoyed being close to the land in the way you are in the community I lived in the north and I appreciated the difficulties.
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