Call Me Hysterical,   2014 - 2019
1500 portraits, acrylic on canvas boards, 2x2 inch each, various installation form.

This project began as a personal challenge for me to paint approximately 1500 portraits from the Who's Who in Canada publication from 1977-78. It is a re-presentation of copy-right protected visual material.  Women's subjectivity was enmeshed with men's at that time, contested by feminists and influenced young women in Canada. A friend gave me this book years ago, thinking it would interest me, and I took the project with me when I worked as a Teacher and lived in Slovakia, 2013-2017.
It traveled with me to Canada for summers. It has taken different forms of installation.

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2019, Installation, Juried Exhibit,
Celebration of 100 years of Service @ Ontario Shores Mental Health Sciences

2021, Installation,
2021, 1500 portraits on canvas drop cloth, dimensions 4 ft x 29ft, with 14 metal hooks.


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